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Power & Privilege

Power & Privilege
Bias (and Unconscious Bias) Training

Description: Making the business case for diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) programs can be challenging. Part of this process involves understanding that we all benefit from some form of privilege; this Breakfast Culture course helps all team members regardless of their identities, backgrounds or work functions realize this fact in a relevant, engaging and approachable fashion. We use popular culture to discuss representation and why it is important. We share our own stories and journeys of understanding our own levels of privilege. 

Finally, we facilitate a group exercise around different forms of privilege. What inevitably happens in every training session is the resulting lessons actually come from team members themselves as they work through the exercise and put the previous discussions into practice.


Focus & Learning Outcomes: Breakfast Culture's approach to unconscious bias training. Participants will...

  • Learn how we all benefit from some form of privilege and how these privileges impact our power in today's society.

  • Learn to acknowledge and ​investigate their privilege and how it impacts power.

  • Be able identify privileges that they take for granted in their everyday life.

  • Discuss the variety of privileges that some groups of people have limited access to including: gender, ethnicity, race, sexual orientation, socioeconomic, and more.

  • Discuss how no one privilege is more important than another and for some any privilege may feel essential.

  • Discuss what types of privileges are important to them and why that may differ for other people.

  • Learn to investigate and empathize with groups who may have limited access to some privileges and the effect that lack of access may have on an individual.

  • And more...


Bernard Doucet, The Sobeys Foundation

"Our team’s experience with Breakfast Culture stood out as an example of exactly how to orchestrate workplace education. Jefferson led our team through a thoughtful and illuminating conversation that left a uniquely relevant impact on a corporate team.”

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