Walking on Broken Glass

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Walking on Broken Glass: Imposter Syndrome Coaching

  • Description: In a brave new world of identity politics and intersectionality some groups of people may begin to doubt their abilities and their confidence diminishes, this phenomenon is known as imposter syndrome. BREAKFAST CULTURE understands this concept and our Imposter Syndrome course, “Walking on Broken Glass” is our take on helping individuals as they “shatter the glass ceiling.” This course helps individuals understand their own worth by deconstructing insider-outsider dynamics in workplace cultures. Participants will learn how to recognize and “stomp the ANTS” (automatic-negative thoughts) and how to use their own past success stories to curate bespoke affirmations. Participants leave feeling more confident in their own abilities.

  • Focus: imposter syndrome coaching

  • Testimonial: “Jefferson Darrell’s … insights were honest and compelling… he gave me some really solid advice and encouragement to get out of my current role and find somewhere I would be valued and have a seat at the table. His perspective gave me that extra push to recognize that it … was time for me to move on. I’m happy to say that I’m now several weeks into a new job, and I am thrilled to feel valued and appreciated. Just wanted to say THANK YOU to Jefferson (and his company BREAKFAST CULTURE).​” – Krista


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