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Cultural Competency

Cultural Competency Training

Description: Globalization and immigration brings renewed meaning to the phrase global village. We don't know what we don't know. In many urban centres it is possible to travel the world just by visiting different local neighbourhoods. Are you comfortable with different cultures, philosophies, thinking, attitudes and more? In this session you will learn about the Cultural Competence Continuum, what each level means and how it manifests in the workplace. You will understand where you reside on the continuum and the steps to navigate towards your target learning objective.

Focus & Learning Outcomes: Cultural competency group training and/or individual coaching participants will learn via lecture and group activities about the Cultural Competence Continuum and understand what each section means from denial to integration and what this looks like in the workplace and where their own learning target is on the Continuum, and more...

Cultural Competence Continuum (Regional Institute for Human Services, Cross, 1988)
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"Great way to learn about cultural differences." 

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