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What We Do

Breakfast Culture™ Inc. helps organizations increase revenue by cultivating equitable and inclusive workplace cultures, garnering new and diverse audiences, creating new lines of business and fostering productivity.


We work where marketing communications intersects with diversity and belonging. Breakfast Culture's services include: Diversity & Inclusion Audits, Corporate Social Advocacy (aka Woke Marketing & Communications), Group Training & Individual Coaching, Inspirational Talks & Motivational Keynotes.

Let's break some eggs!™

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Why You Need A D&I Strategy


  • 85% of CEO’s found Diversity & Inclusion improved
    bottom line (PwC Global)

  • More diverse management teams result in 19% higher revenue (Boston Consulting Group)

  • Inclusive companies had 2.3x higher cash flow per employees over 3 years (Josh Bersin)


  • Inclusive companies 1.7x likely to be market innovator leaders (Josh Bersin)

  • 70% of diverse companies likely to report that a new market was captured (Harvard Business Review)



  • 83% of millennials more actively engaged when they believe they’re in an inclusive culture (Deloitte)

  • Racial and ethnically-diverse companies are 35% more likely to have financial returns above their national industry medians (McKinsey)

  • Gender-diverse companies are 15% more likely to outperform their national Industry median (McKinsey)

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Founded and HOW We Drive Revenue

Breakfast Culture inspires organizations to achieve their strategic goals and generate revenue by helping them cultivate diverse and inclusive workplace cultures. A workplace where everyone feels that they can perform to the best of their abilities, resulting in peak performance and improved business results.

We bring current inclusion, diversity, equity and accessibility (IDEA) theories and practices combined with modern change management techniques to deliver 360° Equity Business Case, Strategy, Training, Coaching, Bravery Talks, Sustainable D&I Education, and Corporate Social Advocacy (or what we like to call Woke Marketing) to share your story with both internal and external stakeholders. We use contemporary Employee Engagement Enterprise Software and Surveys for our D&I Audits.  We also subscribe to the Global Diversity Equity Inclusion Benchmarks (GDEIB) Model.

Let Breakfast Culture help your brand live its authentic self.

Our Approach & Services

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Diversity & Inclusion Audits

Breakfast Culture helps organizations cultivate diverse and inclusive workplace cultures where everyone feels that they can perform to the best of their abilities, resulting in peak performance and improved business results.


How? Our consultants bring current diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) theories and practices combined with modern change management techniques to deliver 360° Equity Business Case & Strategy using contemporary Employee Engagement Enterprise Surveys & Software, powered by Prompta.AI. 

Breakfast Culture inspires empathy in business to shape a future where we all feel a sense of belonging resulting in greater financial returns.



Group Training & Individual Coaching

Breakfast Culture offers group training and individual coaching around IDEA (inclusion, diversity, equity, accessibility) concepts, ideas and thinking. We help you achieve your D&I epiphany.  


Breakfast Culture’s Group Training & Individual Coaching Courses include: 


Corporate Social Advocacy
(aka Woke Marketing)

Let Breakfast Culture help your brand live its authentic self. We see Woke Marketing & Communications as a relatively simple concept that aligns with brand authenticity and Corporate Social Advocacy..


Is a brand being truly authentic to its core values? All. The. Time. Not just for one month of the year and not just in their marketing. They demonstrate it with their supply chain. They demonstrate it with their hiring practices. They demonstrate it with their internal culture. They ALWAYS demonstrate it! This is what we call Woke Marketing.


Breakfast Culture’s Corporate Social Advocacy services include:

  • Strategy Development & Planning

  • Corporate & Brand Marketing

  • Media Relations & Publicity

  • Social Media & Digital Strategy

  • Experiential Marketing Services

  • Event Management

  • Influencer Campaigns

  • Marketing Collateral & Writing

  • Media Kit Development & Design

  • Stakeholder & Community Relations 

  • Inspirational Talks



Inspirational Talks & Motivational Keynotes

Breakfast Culture has experience delivering award-winning campaigns, training courses, diversity and inclusion presentations and keynotes, participating on panel discussions, developing seminars, and more.


Breakfast Culture’s Inspirational Talks & Motivational Keynotes include: 

  • Mapping the Inclusion Continuum: speaks to the business case and the return on investment for D&I​ 

  • Corporate Social Advocacy: inspirational presentation for marketing and communications to myriad and diverse audiences including: Women, Racialized, Indigenous, Peoples with Disabilities, LGBTQ+. Rainbow and PanAfrican Editions are available.

  • The Beauty of Diversity: speaks to diverse and inclusive public relations for the fashion and beauty industries

  • Diversity & Inclusion in STEM - What We Can Learn from Wonder Woman: speaks to D&I issues in STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) especially as it relates to museums and science centres

  • The Year I Learned How to Walk…Again: motivational keynote about Breakfast Culture Founder Jefferson Darrell’s recovery after his paralysis

Group Training & Individual Coaching
Inspirational Talks & Motvatioal Keynotes

About Us

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast.”

The famous quote often attributed to legendary management consultant and writer Peter Drucker.

Many companies invest heavily in their strategic and business plans, including their marketing and communications, only to have them fail resulting in negative publicity, a reduction in sales, or worse their stock plummets. Why? Their corporate culture either hinders or doesn’t align with management’s vision.

​Breakfast Culture is a member of the Canadian Black Chamber of Commerce (CBCC) and a certified diverse supplier with the Canadian Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce (CGLCC) and by extension the National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce (NGLCC) in the US. The company is a graduate of the BMO Elevate Diverse Business Development Program (Class of 2023) and the EY Entrepreneur Access Network (Class of 2023).

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​Our Vision 


Breakfast Culture’s vision is a world where people can be their authentic selves in every aspect of their lives both personally and professionally.

​Our Mission 


Breakfast Culture’s mission is to help organizations realize their goals by embracing inclusion and diversity thinking and concepts to cultivate new and diverse audiences and permit their stakeholders to live authentically and bring their best selves to the workplace.​

​Our Values 


At Breakfast Culture we value:

  • Authenticity in all of our interactions.

  • Diversity of peoples, thoughts and ideas.

  • Inclusion of myriad peoples and cultures.

  • Integrity in all of our interactions.

  • Empathy when dealing with others.

  • Collaboration and partnerships. 

  • Visionary thinking, concepts and ideas. 

Our People & Partners

Based in Toronto, Canada, Breakfast Culture can activate locally, regionally, nationally and globally. 

We have a network of global partners (especially in Canada, the U.S. and the U.K.) and associates with myriad identities (racial, trans, abilities, genders, languages, etc.) and intersections to augment client teams as required.


We are always on the lookout for (ahem) Good Eggs. If you’re interested in joining the Breakfast Culture team let us know by emailing with “<YOUR NAME> is ready to break some eggs” in the subject.


Our Work, Clients & Partners

Breakfast Culture works on retainer, a competitive daily rate or on a project basis, depending upon the scope of the assignment. Please contact us for our rates. 

Breakfast Culture's clients, partners and collaborators include:

Inspiration, Media Coverage & Awards:



Margherita DeCesare, Manager, Human Resources

Youth Employment Services (YES)

“We reached out to Breakfast Culture to facilitate a suite of three foundational training sessions for our organization: D&I 101, Power & Privilege and Ally is a Verb. Jefferson is an excellent facilitator. He brings his own lived experience into many of the topics being reviewed which makes the information all the more real and authentic. He is engaging and adds many pop culture references to the training which makes it fun and further cements the learning. The activities are really eye-opening.


"Additionally, our staff felt comfortable enough to bring forward stories of their own which we all valued so very much. When we reached out to staff afterwards, we were thrilled that their baseline knowledge on topics such as privilege, intersectionality, micro-aggressions, and unconscious bias had increased significantly. Even more important, staff felt that they were now better able to ensure that they provided a safe and inclusive space for their clients. Here are a couple of quotes from our staff:


"Jefferson was incredible and it was the most helpful and engaging workshop I’ve done in all my years at YES. Thank you for allowing us to participate and become better people.

“It was such an amazing opportunity. Thanks so much. I learned a LOT and it was great to hear others’ perspectives and how we all have privilege and the brave stories shared by all who experienced racism externally.”

Learn about the "Secret Sauce" for Diversity & Inclusion as it intersects with Marketing & Communications on our Breakfast Culture blog:


Let's break some eggs!™

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