Diversity & Inclusion 101

Breakfast Culture has experience delivering award-winning campaigns, training courses, diversity and inclusion presentations and keynotes, participating on panel discussions, developing seminars, and more. All our topics can be customized and/or modified for myriad industries and organizations. Depending upon client needs each topic can be presented in either one hour or developed as a training course over two to three hours. For information about our rates, please email LetsBreakSomeEggs@BreakfastCulture.ca.


Diversity & Inclusion 101: Introductory Training

  • Description: We live in a brave new world of identity politics, aka labels; fragmented and evolving media where consumers can engage directly with organizations and brands. Spending habits are shifting, both in what we spend our hard-earned pennies on and how we are compensated and how we spend. Organizations and their brands can no longer afford any gaffes. Moving beyond political correctness, representation matters now more than ever before. In this session you will learn about IDEA (inclusion, diversity, equity and accessibility) insights, terminology and definitions as they intersect with business objectives. In other words, what is the business case for diversity and inclusion?

  • Focus: a “diversity and inclusion (D&I) 101” that demonstrates the alignment of D&I concepts, practices and thinking with business goals and objectives

  • Testimonial: "​Jefferson [Breakfast Culture] recently ran a fantastic session [D&I 101] on inclusion, diversity, equity and privilege with leaders from across our company. The session was thoughtful, well delivered and offered practical insights to help us make our organization even more welcoming.” - Matthew Seagrim, Managing Director at SCENE, Cineplex Entertainment

  • Testimonial: "​I had the good fortune to see Jefferson Darrell speak both at the IDEA summit and AdClub Student Day. His presentations on diversity were thoughtful and empathetic. They touched on some things I had been thinking about myself. I truly appreciate having had the opportunity to meet him and to hear about his experiences. Thank you to Jefferson and Breakfast Culture.” - Elissa

  • Testimonial: "​This whole presentation is simply incredible. You [had] me emotional and in tears multiple times. Thank you a million times for pulling this together. It's so insightful and thought (and action) provoking.” - Natalia


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