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“Playing gracefully with ideas”         

                                - Oscar Wilde


Breakfast Culture shares resources, ideas and thought starters on our social media feeds using #LetsBreakSomeEggs! Following are some great resources to begin your own IDEA (inclusion, diversity, equity, accessibility) journey.

Illustration Credit: Pascal Kirchmair

The Gender Bread Person

A teaching tool for breaking the big concept of gender down into bite-sized, digestible pieces.

Inclusion Allies Coalition (IAC)

IAC is a coalition of organizations and practitioners committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion within our organizations and society. IAC provides resources, advocacy, networking, and webinars for dialogues across differences to promote inclusion. IAC serves as allies for those who feel marginalized and advocates for inclusive policies and practices.

#BlackAndBrilliant Talent Database

Founded in New York, 2020 with the aim of challenging & eliminating the idea that far too many corporate leaders hold about the lack of a Black Talent & a Pipeline. Fast forward to today, and we’re a professional network, with hundreds of gifted volunteers working to advance Black & Brilliant individuals across the globe. We want to celebrate, inspire & connect by providing networking opportunities and supporting BIPoC/BAME communities – by advocating positive change into every boardroom.

Natacha Pennycooke, Psychotherapist

How to Find the Therapist That is Right For You.

Truth & Reconciliation Commission of Canada

Read The Truth & Reconciliation Commission of Canada: Calls to Action.

Avocado Beauty

Our Founder & CEO Jefferson Darrell uses avocados to demonstrate financial ROI on cultivating new & diverse audiences for your products or services. Instead of eating avocados many people use them in beauty regimens. Thank you to Ella James for this facial mask recipe.

Employment Equity Act

The purpose of this Act is to achieve equality in the workplace so that no person shall be denied employment opportunities or benefits for reasons unrelated to ability & to correct the conditions of disadvantage in employment experienced by women, Aboriginal peoples, persons with disabilities & members of visible minorities by giving effect to the principle that employment equity means more than treating persons in the same way but also requires special measures & accommodation of differences.

Affrimative Action

For federal contractors and subcontractors, affirmative action must be taken by covered employers to recruit and advance qualified minorities, women, persons with disabilities, and covered veterans.

GDEIB (Global Diversity Equity & Inclusion Benchmarks)

Breakfast Culture subscribes to the GDEIB, a global standard for measuring diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging in organizations worldwide. The GDEIB helps organizations determine strategy and measure progress in managing diversity and fostering inclusion.

Pixar's Purl

With their films TURNING RED, COCO and SOUL, Pixar Animation Studios have been making wonderful strides in diversity and inclusion but nothing so perfectly captures the spirit of our DEI work as their fun short film PURL 🧶❤️ Enjoy!

Black Talent Initative

The Black Talent Initiative was born to facilitate change, access, and connections to aspiring Black talent in business. Through partnerships, internships, mentorships, and networking, BTI empowers Black leaders for the future.


A Statistical Look at Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion 2022

A Leader Like Me

An Empowered Community. We help underrepresented women and non-binary people of colour progress further in their career and achieve their leadership goals.

French 75

Our Founder & CEO Jefferson Darrel has been known to quip: "When life gives you lemons, make a French 75." So we thought we'd share the recipe. Enjoy!

Culture Check-In

Monthly Peer Group. A safe space for racialized professionals to openly discuss their feelings, share stories and connect with other professionals who look like them.

Pride at Work Canada logo_edited

Through dialogue, education and thought leadership, Pride at Work Canada/Fierté au travail Canada empowers Canadian employers to build workplaces that celebrate all employees regardless of gender expression, gender identity, and sexual orientation.

Catalyst: Workplaces that Work for Women

Catalyst is a global nonprofit supported by many of the world’s most powerful CEOs and leading companies to help build workplaces that work for women.

Stop Race Based Hate

Stop Race Based Hate is an anti-racism resource designed to build a more anti-racist community. Being actively committed to eliminating racism requires a conscious decision to learn, unlearn, and take action every day. Speaking out against racism works towards eliminating racism. This tool is meant to be an educational, empowering and accessible anti-racist resource that helps people find the words to speak out against racism.

The Micropedia of Microaggressions

Start browsing this resource to learn more about microaggressions and their impact.

McKinsey & Company

Delivering Through Diversity January 18, 2018 Report

54Lights Podcast

54Lights is dedicated to elevating creative Black voices through authentically told stories. We showcase Africans, the diaspora and allies of the great continent.


The Step Forward Project (created by Breakfast Culture for OAN) is a limited series dedicated to providing space for deep conversations about anti-Black Racism in Ontario & beyond. Throughout the series, we’ll be speaking with Black leaders from diverse professional and personal backgrounds. While each conversation will be unique, these discussions will explore and reflect on a single question: To what extent does white dominant culture and white supremacy impede the HIV public health response?

People of Colour in Advertising & Marketing (PoCAM)

We exist to ensure the voice, vision and talent of BIPoC professionals are fully and fairly present in Canadian Advertising and Marketing.


How microaggressions are like mosquito bites by Fusion Comedy.

What is White Privilege? Peggy McIntosh unpacks the invisible knapsack.

What is White Privilege? Peggy McIntosh unpacks the invisible knapsack.

Hey, Cis! Podcast

We take on difficult topics; breaking us out of the binary, smashing stigma and fostering greater connection between our cisgender community and trans, gender creative and non-binary community.

"5 Tips for Being an Ally" courtesy Franchesca Ramsey

"5 Tips for Being an Ally" courtesy Franchesca Ramsey

Disability Images

For decades, the Disability Images collection has been growing and evolving, creating positive lifestyle imagery of authentic people with real disabilities.

GenderPhotos Vice

The Gender Spectrum Collection is a stock photo library featuring images of trans and non-binary models that go beyond the clichés. This collection aims to help media better represent members of these communities as people not necessarily defined by their gender identities—people with careers, relationships, talents, passions, and home lives.

Black Illustrations

Beautiful illustrations of Black people for your next digital project.

Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Illustrated Version of the United Nations' Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR). Illustrated by Yacine Ait Kaci (YAT)

United Nations Gender-Inclusive Language

Using gender-inclusive language means speaking and writing in a way that does not discriminate against a particular sex, social gender or gender identity, and does not perpetuate gender stereotypes. Given the key role of language in shaping cultural and social attitudes, using gender-inclusive language is a powerful way to promote gender equality and eradicate gender bias.

Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms

Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms

Ontario Human Rights Commission eCourse - Human Rights 101 (Third Edition, 2020)

Ontario Human Rights Commission eCourse - Human Rights 101 (Third Edition, 2020)

Harvard University's Implicit Association Test

Harvard University's Implicit Association Test

Go Back To Africa

Inclusive marketing communications addresses racism on social media by turning racist messages into positive tourism promotion. Cannes Lions 2019 Winner by FCB/Six in Toronto.

Tampon Book

Inclusive marketing communications fights the patriarchy and sparks policy and legal change. Cannes Lions 2019 Winner by The Female Company.

IKEA ThisAbles

Inclusive design, inspired by an employee with cerebral palsy not only addresses accessibility but inspires an entire new product line. IKEA Tel Aviv.

Meet Sam Gender Creative Kids Canad

The You Inside Project: The toy – which is based on Russian nesting dolls – was designed to help youth understand what it’s like to grow up transgender.

Check YOUR Privilege

Privilege is unearned access to social power based on membership in a dominant social group. We ALL have some form of privilege. Following is a short (and non-exhaustive) list of common privileges we experience in North America. What’s YOUR score?

STEM Neutral

Gender Stereotypes Develop at Age Six A non-profit organization founded by Azadeh Shirzadi.

Canada 50-30 Challenge

The 50 – 30 Challenge is an initiative between the Government of Canada, business and diversity organizations. The 50 – 30 Challenge asks that organizations aspire to two goals: Gender parity ("50%") on Canadian board(s) and senior management; and Significant representation ("30%") on Canadian board(s) and senior management of other under-represented groups.

Ontario Human Rights Commission

Call It Out, a free 30-minute eCourse about racism.

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