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Diversity & Inclusion in STEM:
What We Can Learn from Wonder Woman

Description: Diversity, inclusion, privilege; these are issues that are top of mind today. We see them in the news, on our social media accounts, and in our places of work. What does this mean for museums, science centres and STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) in general? How can we connect, engage and inspire all members of our communities? How can we enhance our own offerings as science centres and museums to create learning and inspirational opportunities for all? 

In this presentation we will define diversity, learn what it means to be inclusive and examine our privilege. You will hear about inspirational success stories from museums and science centres across Canada and gather resources to begin discussing these important issues in your own institution.

Focus & Learning Outcomes: Museum, science centres and STEM through a diversity, equity and inclusion lens, #WonderWoman, #STEM, #DC, #MCU, #STEAM

Image by REVOLT
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