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Breakfast Culture Signs Six New Clients and Welcomes a New Associate: #LetsBreakSomeEggs!

*** News Release ***

October 20, 2020 (Toronto, ON, Canada) – Breakfast Culture, the boutique marketing communications, inclusion and diversity consultancy, expands with six new clients from the marketing industry, from grocery retail, and from the HIV social services sectors, and welcomes new associate Scott Dagostino.

“Breakfast Culture advises and coaches organizations and individuals on their own diversity and inclusion journeys, both externally with our Woke Marketing services and internally with our Diversity and Inclusion Audits and Training,” says Founder Jefferson Darrell. “We strive to help organizations cultivate inclusive and welcoming workplace cultures so employees realize and achieve their full human potential, resulting in a return on investment in terms of creativity, innovation and bottom-line success.”

Breakfast Culture also welcomes new associate Scott Dagostino. A former LGBTQ+ magazine editor, bookseller and manager, Scott brings 15+ years of journalism, editorial and publishing experience to the boutique consultancy.

Scott Dagostino, Breakfast Culture Associate

“We chose Breakfast Culture and Jefferson Darrell’s team because they bring an inherent understanding of the marketing communications agency world, combined with both theoretical and practical diversity, equity and inclusion experience,” says No Fixed Address CEO Dave Lafond. “As an award-winning marketing agency, we have built a strong foundation but have a continued commitment to developing an inclusive culture by learning about any potential ‘blind spots’ that may hinder our already positive corporate culture. After getting to know one another, it became clear Breakfast Culture was the right partner for us as we embark on this journey.”

Canada’s 2016 census reports that approximately 1.2 million people identify as Black in Canada, representing 3.5% of the country’s total population, this percentage increases in urban centres. However, recent studies have shown that Black, Indigenous and other minority groups are not proportionately represented at the executive or board levels in corporate Canada. A study by Ryerson University’s Diversity Institute analyzed 178 companies across Canada showed that Black board members currently makeup only 0.79%, or 13 positions, of the total 1,639 roles surveyed.

“As a Black, Gay man working in Canada, I have only seen two people who looked like me hold an executive or even senior level position in marketing companies in this country during my 17+ years in this industry,” adds Darrell. “One of the excuses organizations cite, when a mirror is help up to their Board of Directors or their executive management teams around diversity and inclusion, is a lack of Black talent. This is simply not true. There are so many people who are both Black and brilliant. I founded Breakfast Culture with the goal of helping organizations move beyond diversity towards equity and inclusion so that when other young Black people enter the corporate world, they will not only have role models but will actually see people who look like them in the boardroom and in the C-suite.”

Breakfast Culture helps organizations achieve their strategic goals and generate revenue by bringing current diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) theories and practices — combined with modern change management techniques — to deliver 360° Equity Business Case & Strategy using contemporary employee engagement enterprise software powered by Prompta.AI.


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