We All Benefit from Privilege

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We All Benefit from Privilege: Privilege Training Course

Description: Making the business case for diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) programs can be challenging. Part of this process involves understanding that we all benefit from some form of privilege; this BREAKFAST CULTURE course helps all team members regardless of their identities, backgrounds or work functions realize this fact in a relevant, engaging and approachable fashion. We use popular culture to discuss representation and why it is important. We share our own stories and journeys of understanding our own levels of privilege.
The purpose of these two steps helps to provide definitions and context of how privilege works and to demonstrate how “We ALL Benefit from Privilege.” Finally, we facilitate a group exercise around different forms of privilege and what happens in every training session are the resulting lessons actually come from team members themselves as they work through the exercise and put the previous discussions into practice.


Focus: Privilege (and bias) training course


Testimonial: "I had the privilege of participating in Breakfast Culture’s “We All Benefit from Privilege” Webinar, lead by Jefferson. It was an engaging and eye-opening session which my entire company thoroughly enjoyed. The session broke out into Zoom meetings rooms and had some wonderful group exercises which brought out emotions, self reflection and personally helped me understand my own privileges as a cisgender, heterosexual, mixed race Caribbean woman. Following the session, I am working on being comfortable just being myself and not feeling the need to change my speech, appearance or mannerisms to gain credibility. My colleagues are also self reflecting and making an effort to strengthen their allyship. The session was fun, interactive and life-changing, and I hope my company continues to do more work with Jefferson. I know I will recommend Breakfast Culture to everyone." - Candice


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