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D&I Audit

Diversity & Inclusion Audits

Why does diversity and inclusion matter? Today, many organizations are facing multiple challenges that adversely affect their missions and even their revenue, including: reputation and risk, employee litigation, employee retention, corporate citizenship and social responsibility. Diversity and inclusion is not just a “nice-to-have” but a must-have if an organization is to enjoy the highest standards of recruitment, performance and retention for viable, sustainable growth and increased revenue. 


Breakfast Culture’s 5-Step Diversity & Inclusion Audit is a comprehensive measurement and analysis process and set of tools to understand where your organization currently lies and then help move it along the Inclusion Continuum to become the employer and supplier of choice for all.

The Inclusion Continuum

(The Human Equity Advantage: Beyond Diversity to Talent Optimization, Wilson 2013)​​

Breakfast Culture’s 5-Step D&I Audit Process:​
  1. DATA/TECH APPROACH: Current State Assessment

  2. BENCHMARK: Data Analysis and Reporting

  3. STRATEGY: Develop Customized D&I Recommendations

  4. APPROVAL: Adjust and Approve Strategy

  5. TECH-DRIVEN IMPLEMENTATION: Program Roll Out. Keeping in mind
    the mantra: “It’s not about WHAT we do, but about HOW we do it.”

Breakfast Culture’s D&I Audits include:
  • Strategic Change Management

  • Equity Business Case & Strategy

  • 3-Part Employee Engagement Surveys

  • Training: D&I 101 - introduction to diversity & inclusion thinking, concepts & ideas​​

  • Presentation: Mapping the Inclusion Continuum - speaks to the business case and the return on investment (ROI) for D&I​ 


Some clients choose to augment their D&I Audits with additional Breakfast Culture services including: Group Training & Individual Coaching, Inspirational Talks & Motivational Keynotes, Woke Marketing & Communications, and/or Breakfast Culture's #SafeSpace Discussion Facilitation.

Breakfast Culture strives to coach organizations to move beyond legislation and the business case for diversity & inclusion into human equity, where an organization capitalizes on individual differences to unleash maximum human potential and self-actualization. We accomplish this via our proprietary employment engagement software that is simply “better people listening.” Breakfast Culture uses proprietary Employee Engagement Software, powered by Prompta AI®, to accurately measure inclusion in organizations - it is simply “better people listening.” This innovative technology, provided by our partners at Prompta Consulting Group utilizes Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Sentiment Analysis, Topic Modelling and Natural Language Programming to measure inclusion. We also subscribe to the Global Diversity Equity Inclusion Benchmarks (GDEIB) Model, a complimentary tool provided by The Centre for Global Inclusion with their permission.

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Download a PDF of Our
5-Step D&I Audit Process

GDEIB Model.png
Inclusion Continuum

Dave Lafond, CEO, No Fixed Address

Dave Lafond, NFA.png

“We chose Breakfast Culture and Jefferson Darrell’s team because they bring an inherent understanding of the marketing communications agency world, combined with both theoretical and practical diversity, equity and inclusion experience. As an award-winning marketing agency, we have built a strong foundation but have a continued commitment to developing an inclusive culture by learning about any potential ‘blind spots’ that may hinder our already positive corporate culture. After getting to know one another, it became clear Breakfast Culture was the right partner for us as we embark on this journey.”

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